Chapter 2 Excerpt

( a piece of chapter two)

“Hey would you look at that!” I point at an old house that is sitting out in the middle of nowhere, and it seems to have caught everyone else’s attention as well which thankfully, gets them off the Dorian subject. This house is just sitting out here and it is obvious that no one has lived in it for many years, but somehow it was still standing and had barely any damage like what you would normally see in an old house sitting out in the middle of nowhere it would usually be a piece of a house or mainly the foundation, with the house crumpled on top or surrounding it. No this was a sound house, and if someone wanted to live in it right now, heaven forbid, they could with no serious problems. Still driving we come up to what looks to be the driveway I really don’t want to get any closer to this house but no matter how much I try to resist turning I can’t.

We pull in the long drive way and drove close to the house. The land surrounding the house had looked like there were other houses here before, but they are obviously now gone and haven’t been there for a while. I wonder what happened to these other houses. I wonder why this house still stands.

We’re all staring at this house in aw, when all of a sudden a chilling breeze rushes the car, it was a sudden freezing feeling that went just as fast as it came, it made all of us shudder, and not only because it was cold, but from fear as well. “Um, ok, this is starting to freak me out, let’s go home now.” Bobby-Lynn says as she is rubbing her arms to get warm. “Yeah okay, let’s go.” I say restarting my car and pulling out.

Jackson can’t seem to get his eyes off of this house, and as were pulled out of the driveway, he kept staring at the house until it was out of our sight. It kind of freaks me out, watching him watch this house. It was almost like he was possessed by it. I shudder again thinking about it.

“What kind of songs do you have on your IPod?” Shaun asks breaking the eerie silence picking up my IPod and looking at the music on it. “Oh I have a little bit of everything, from oldies, to rock, country, eighties, dance, R&B; I even have some music from things like video games.” I look at Shaun briefly and then look back at the highway.

It’s only 3pm? Man! Where did the time go? Last time I knew what time it was it was like 10am and now its 3pm and I still haven’t gotten much done on my room. We get to the house, and Shaun and Jackson immediately head downstairs, so Jackson can practice on the bass. Bobby-Lynn follows me upstairs which I think is weird I totally expected her to follow Jackson downstairs. We’re in my room and completely silent, she looks like she wants to talk about something but couldn’t figure out how to say it. I start working on my room. “Man what was the deal with that house?” I throw out there to maybe help her to figure out what she wants to say. “Yeah, I don’t know but it is sure creepy, I don’t think I will ever go to that house ever again.” She starts relaxing some,


“Yeah?” I answer putting some clothes into my dresser.

“Have you ever…”

I look at here confused “Have I ever what?”

“Have you ever…well…you know?” I pause for a moment then turn to Bobby-Lynn who was obviously being completely serious about this.

“Are you asking me if I have ever had sex?”

“Yeah” She blushes, more than I have all day; it was relieving to know someone could blush harder than me.

“No, Bobby-Lynn I have never had sex and if you are going to start pestering me about Dorian then I am not going to talk to you until school starts, and maybe not even then!”

She gets wide eyes and flies off of my bed and slams the door shut. “NO, not you!” it is my turn to get the wide eyes. “Have you and Jackson?”

“No, no yet at least.”

“Oh okay!” I relax again.

“But I have been thinking about it though. I mean we’ve been together since we were fourteen and I do love him, so I am thinking why not.” I go and sit on the bed next to her. “Well, hmmm I am not good in this department I mean I have never had a boyfriend.”

“Really?” I was surprised that she was surprised on this bit of information. “You’ve never had a boyfriend?” Still looking shocked “No, never had one, I’ve never really even had a full fledge crush. My life usually consisted of reading, hanging out with my friends who were mainly all girls. Also listening to my father about how I couldn’t date until I was eighteen, and he meant it too!” Bobby-Lynn shocked look went into a more “go figure” look because we all knew how my father was and how very over protective of me he was. I mean extremely over protective.

There was one time when a friend of mine who happened to be a guy put his arm around my waist, and my father deemed it to be inappropriate behavior and literally threw him out of the house. Now don’t get me wrong about my father, he was a great guy and everyone loved him. Even my friend, who had been thrown out by him, still thought he was a great guy.

It was just I was his only child, and I am a girl so it just made that protectiveness even worse. My father had auburn hair just like I do, but he had hazel eyes, he was also a short guy only like five foot seven.

“Well Bobby-Lynn if you think you are ready and you think he is ready then, you need to do whatever your heart is telling you to do.” She looks a little surprised with my remark. “Really you think so?” Her eyes start to perk up.

“Yeah sure I am not your parent, so I can’t tell you whether if it is a good or bad idea. All I can do is, be here for you and support your decisions whatever they may be.” I told her putting the last bit of stuff that needs to be unpacked and put away.

“That means a lot to me Randie thank you very much” she gets up and starts walking out of my room.

“Hey Bobby-Lynn!” she stops,


“Just do me a favor”


“If you do decide to do…well…you know…it, please be careful.” She looked at me and smiles “Sure thing Randie” then walks out of my room. I look at my clock and notice it was six thirty Dorian is going to be here in two and half hours. Laurali is home and she is cooking dinner which makes Bobby-Lynn happy. Now that she is off the hook with cooking she can spend more time with Jackson before the jam session. Shaun has told Laurali that some people were coming over, and even though normally she wouldn’t care she told him that it was a long day and she has a headache so if we could go to the garage it would be much appreciated.

Shaun has no problem with it. He moves Bobby-Lynn’s Tahoe out of the garage and then he and Jackson move the equipment out. I sit here wondering how long we could be out in the garage because of the neighbors. But what I didn’t realize is that the garage is sound proof too!

The garage actually is sound proofed better than the downstairs. I guess it’s because he is slowly working on the downstairs. We ate dinner at seven Laurali made vegetable lasagna; I love my aunt Laurali’s veggie lasagna. I ate my dinner extremely quick, because I just realized what time it was and that Dorian was coming over soon and I need to look presentable.

I run upstairs without looking like I was in a hurry for something, and get my stuff out of my room and hop in the shower, I re-shave my legs, to make sure they were extremely smooth just in case there was an accidental brush up against me by someone.

I get out of the shower and go to my room, look at the clock once more and it says eight pm, I freak even though I still have plenty of time. But I still had to find something to wear, and do my hair and makeup. So I run to my closet and look to see what I have to wear.

I pick out this thin frilly white skirt that flows down to my knees, and then I pick out this maroon spaghetti strap tank top. I put those on then put lotion on everywhere, it smells good. Then I went into the bathroom and threw my hair in a messy up do that actually looks pretty chi'que. Finally I put on my makeup and jewelry.
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