Chapter 1

The day was falling as night arose on her back while she was walking home from themovies. Her friends wanted to give her aride home, but she insisted on walking because it was such a beautiful end tothe day. Listening to her IPod, while walking down the street to her house; sheall of a sudden got a sinking feeling in her stomach that she was beingfollowed. So instead of looking behind her, she just sped up her walking tomore of a speed walking, than casual walking.

A few minutes later she decides to turn aroundto see if anything really is following her or if she was thinking she was beingfollowed, that sinking feeling just got stronger. There was a dark figure chasing after herslowly.  She starts speeding up more theneventually to a run and yet the dark figure is still chasing after herslowly. She starts to scream and looksfor help, and much to her surprise there was no one out in the usually busystreets of Chicago. No, there was noone, and now she is in a full on run.

HELP!!!!!!!!She is screaming she sees a cop car sitting on the side of the road. She runs up to it and screams to the windowas she is pounding at it looking behind her,

“HELP MEPLEASE I AM BEING FOLLOWED” she looks over her shoulder to see that, the darkfigure is a little closer to her now, she turns back to the cop car; but onlyrealizes that the cop car is empty. Shefreaks out and trips and fall almost underneath the car, she looks towards thedark figure that is still chasing after her in the same slow speed asbefore. She quickly gets up and startsrunning again, faster than she was before, she drops her bag, and keepsrunning. As her bag fell to the groundher cell phone flies out and opens up and the screen lights up and states“you’re next!”

Finally shesees her house and runs like she is running the sprint in track, runs throughthe gate and into the door.

Yelling “MOM…DAD…..HELP I AM BEINGFOLLOWED!” She hears nothing; turningback around to see the figure walking up to the gate, she slams the door shut quicklyas she could, while running up the stairs.

Sheimmediately goes into her parent’s bedroom and see them sleeping, once againyelling “MOM! DAD! WAKE UP THERE IS A KILLER AFTER ME, COME ON WAKE UP!”

She rollsover her dad to see that his throat was slit, and then she looks over at hermom to see that hers was cut too. Shesqueals as she is tries to be quiet, hearing the front door slam shut.

She slidesherself under her parents’ bed and holds her mouth shut so not to make asound. The dark figure comes into thebedroom and checks the closet and the bathroom. He leaves, she here’s him down the hall quickly she slides herself outfrom underneath the bed, and runs out the door, THUD! She looks up from thefloor, the dark figure is standing over her, she screams…

“NOOOOOO!” I wake up screaming, realizing I am still on theplane and that every single passenger on the plane is looking at me distraught,in shock of my blood curdling screams. The stewardess comes over.

“Miss...Are you ok?!” she looks at me puzzled and confused,but she also has a tint of fear in her face. Was my scream really that loud? Iwonder to myself. But even so I answer“um, yeah…sorry”

I curl up in my seat pulling my blanket up over me, andinstead of going back to sleep which is the furthest thing on my mind at thispoint. I hate sleeping since…since myparents were killed. So instead I pull out the newspaper article that theChicago Sun, had did about my parents and me.

Chicago Girl, Only Survivor in Recent Mass Murder Spree!

July 11, 2009

Sixteen year old girls parents were killed Friday morning, RandallKlein 44, and Candace Klein 42, were killed while sleeping in their bed by thenow known Franklin Bobert 37.

Bobert had escaped from the mental ward at Chicago MemorialHospital. He was locked up waiting to betransferred to a secured mental institution (name of institution was notdisclosed).

Somehow Bobert escaped and started picking out houses randomly,then killing everything living that was found inside. This included humans; men, women, children,babies, and even animals.

Police reported there were a total of four men, three women, twoteenagers, and three children under ten.

Police also reported that Bobert also killed five dogs, four cats,two birds, and even three goldfish.

“No one knows why he did this.” Dr Cawasaki exclaims. “We had concluded that he was stable undermedications when he had managed to escape. Mr. Bobert was diagnosed with psychosis, we had put him onanti-psychotic drugs, which made him calm and relaxed, therefore we were surehe was stable. Little did we know he wasstill coherent enough to escape. Duringroom checks we noticed Mr. Bobert was missing and alerted the policeimmediately. His reaction with themedication was something we did not expect, and surely we did not expect thisto happen and we still do not know how he managed to escape, since you have tobe buzzed out by the desk. We feelextremely bad for the victims and their families and we are now taking precautionsthat something like this will never happen again.”

The sole survivor was the sixteen year old daughter of the Klein’s(her name we cannot disclose due to the fact she is a minor). She was in her room while her parents werekilled by Bobert. She managed to escapebefore he realized she was there. Aneighbor over heard the screaming and called the police, they showed upimmediately and the night ended with gun shots, resulting in Bobert’s death.

The girl was rescued and put into the Child Protection Service’scare and she will stay there until further notice.

Yep, just a littleover a month ago my parents were brutally murdered by some psycho maniackiller, who just randomly picked my house and went ballistic on myparents. Slit their throats in theirroom while they were sleeping, I woke up to hear him in the house and luckilyhid in my secret spot that I had as a kid. It was a crawl space inside my closet that you wouldn’t have known itwas there unless you were there when it was built.

My father had built it for me when I was younger to escapefrom the real world, and think. Iquickly look around noticing people were not looking at me anymore, which isgood, but the stewardesses still look at me occasionally to make sure that I ameither alright, or they were checking to see if I am going to go crazyagain.  Once again I look out the windowof the plane, looking down to the ground seeing a river, then the plains ofKansas, must be getting close.

I’m going to Colorado to stay with my aunt and herfamily. They are the only family I haveleft, and since I can’t stay in Chicago without being passed through the systemfor the next two years. My aunt Lauraliand my cousins Bobbi-Lynn and Shaun are happy to have me live with them. Myuncle Charles died five years ago, since then they have wanted me to come outand visit more often. But, Craig is asmall town, and with living in the big city of Chicago, Craig is mildly boringto me, and that is putting it lightly. Craig is a speck on the map compared toChicago. They only have one mall, and itisn’t really anything to be really called a mall. The only thing that Craig held for me is thatevery time I did visit my family out there, I loved watching the sunsets. Colorado has the most beautiful sunsets Ihave ever seen, and besides my family that would be the only reason to why Iwould ever visit Craig. Denver sure Iwould visit there, but still highly doubt it, like I said I am a Chicago girl.

I take out and lookat my release forms from the Child Protection Services. I always love how formslike this describe you. According to theState of Chicago, I’m a Caucasian female, with blue eyes, auburn hair, and I’mfive foot six in height and in weight I am one hundred ten pounds. But they forgot to mention that my eyes arelight blue, and my auburn hair is curly and not that tight curly shit neither,my curls are the big ringlet curls. Whycan’t they put on those stupid forms that before my parents were killed I actuallysmiled a lot and that I have this huge desire to become an actress and once Iget out of high school I want to go to UCLA’s School of Theater Film andTelevision, only two more years to go.

Here I had spent three weeks with some foster family on theoutside of the city limits, and that was after two weeks in some girls home. Nice family they were, but I was definitelyglad when I was told by my social worker that my aunt Laurali had finally gottenback to her and was pleased to take me in. I didn’t want to be a part of Chicago’s foster program, I love Chicagobut I don’t want to be their property for the next two years. And even though my disgust for Craig was notdeniable, it was better to be with family than with strangers.

I take a deep breath as the plane is landing, I always hatedflying, and I hate the landing even more. But I know that this would probably the lasttime I fly in a plane for a long time. I look out the plane window and see abunch of other planes, some that are landing like we are and some that aretaking off and some t just sitting in the runways waiting, past the planes Isaw nothing. Absolutely nothing; nothingbut a bunch of fields! Fields andfields, oh wait! I say to myself, there’s a highway! The plane comes to its stop and the pilotis thanking everyone once again for flying with them, the stewardess is sayingbye to everyone that is passing her.

I look out the window one more time, I look at the airportand chuckle to myself still thinking that DIA still looks like a few ofMadonna’s old bra’s, then I look at the stewardess, and see she is giving me alook. A look of concern, I am sure shethinking I am crazy or something, but I give one quick sigh and got out of myseat and head for the door. I slowlywalk through the ramp to the terminal where my cousin Bobby-Lynn iswaiting.

“There she is!” I hear an upbeat voice and knew it has to bemy cousin. I like Bobby-Lynn, she is myage, but she is peppier than I’ll ever be. She is one of those people that areso sweet; it makes you want to throw up. Yep, that’s my cousin, the worst part is that besides being so upbeatand peppy is, that she is pretty too and a cheerleader, which makes a lot ofsense with her upbeatness. I look up andthere she is her and her tall self.  Iwalk towards her thinking to myself “man she has got to be six feet tallnow.”

“Ok mom we will be there, by dark…” She smiles at me then rolls her eyes,“um….uh…ok mom…..bye….UGH!” She snapsher phone shut and smiles again.

“Oh my goodness I can’t believe you’re here I am so happy! Anddon’t worry as promised none of us will mention, well…….you know what.”

“Yeah thanks, it hurts badly enough, without constantlybeing reminded of what happened, you know, yeah it was horrifying and my lifewas flipped upside down. But I don’twant to dwell on it more than I already do, and I want to get on with my life,and I feel I would be able to do it without the constant reminders.”

Bobby-Lynn shrugs and smiles at me, and I shrug back.

“So are you hungry, you want to eat now or wait until we areon the road and catch something later on?” Bobby-Lynn asks me walking out theairport doors. “Um let’s wait I am still a little queasy from the landing ofthe plane, you know how that has always bugged me.”

“Yeah, you were never one to fly, weren’t you?”

“No, I would much rather drive, but I crashed my car sixmonths ago, and my dad was going to buy me another one, and well that neverhappened.”

We both went silent.

It is a very clear day in Colorado, the sky is a perfectbaby blue, and the fields are a bright golden rod color, which just speaks toyou in contrast from the color of the sky. The mountains are a mixture of colors, ranging from black, brown, andred. It looks almost like what you would see in one of those expensivepaintings of the Rocky Mountains, except there is no snow yet, and there is nolake. Thank god it’s August and I hope I still have a few months before thesnow will hit.

“Alright, here we go, Craig here we come.” Bobby-Lynn saysas she is getting into the driver seat of her, 2002 Chevy Tahoe. I just nod and get into the car.

The conversation lasted for quite a while, all the waythrough the metro area, and all the way up to Silverthorne. But at Silverthorne we stopped to eat, andthe conversation kind of just died there. We were both quiet for most of what was left of trip. Bobby-Lynn and I switched places inSilverthorne, because she had been up all night driving to Denver to DIA topick me up. She slept while I drove inquiet, the radio didn’t work very well in the mountains, and I didn’t want tolisten to any CD’s at the moment.

However I did do a lot of thinking. I thought about my aunt Laurali, and how nomatter how much I would try she would always serve as a constant reminder of mymother, because they looked so much alike. My mother was my height a whopping five foot six inches tall, actuallyquite average, but my aunt Laurali was something close to five foot ten inches,or something like that. They both havesandy blonde hair, but my mom's was long and curly and my aunt's is short andstraight. They both have the same lightblue eyes which I inherited.

I remembered seeing my poor aunt Laurali at the funeral, shewas so devastated, I mean her younger sister dead. She was however relieved that, that psychodidn’t get to me, before the cops had arrived, her face still distraught fromthe pain of losing her husband only five years before hand from cancer, and nowlosing her only sister.

It started to make me depressed so I stopped thinking aboutthat and started thinking about more positive things. Such as how quickly can I make it as anactress, and get myself the hell out of Craig. This place seems to suck people in; it did it to my grandfather, to myaunt, and probably to my cousin Bobby-Lynn, my mother luckily made it out bygoing to an out of state college and then meeting my dad. My other cousin Shaunlast I heard, him and his band Pyrotistic Tendencies are doing great, and areplaying at some local bar in Steamboat every weekend they can. So I am sure as soon as he is capable he isout of here in a heart beat too. Iremember my cousin Shaun well; he is tall like Bobby-Lynn six feet. But he looks like his father, handsome withblack hair that he always has spiky, emerald green eyes, and he plays drums. Sometimes it makes me sad that he is mycousin. I am glad because we get alonggreat and I don’t ever want to ruin that.

I love my aunt Laurali, she told me that I didn’t have toattend the beginning of the school year, but I insisted that, that would be abad idea because it wouldn’t be healthy to keep me out instead it would onlymake it worse, because I would have time to think. Think like I am doing right now.

“Hey, Bobby-Lynn” I nudge her trying to wake her up.


“Huh…uh…what...who?” Bobby-Lynn jumped up hitting her headon the roof of the truck.

“Hey sorry, but we’re in Steamboat and I gotta pee, you wantto drive now?”

“Yeah I can, not much further now, only forty five minutesto an hour depending on how fast I drive.” She stretches when she gets out ofthe truck, heads to the driver side and gets in. I rush to the gas station bathroom, do my thing,rush back out and hop into the car.

“Alright, I guess let’s get this done and over with.” I rollmy eyes looking out the window as Bobby-Lynn pulls out of the gas station.

“Oh my goodness, Randie, you are gonna love it here, theschool is great so many great people. And there is this new guy named Dorian….er….oh snap I forgot his lastname. Anywho he’s HOT!”

Once again I rollmy eyes, figures she would try to hook meup, unless her and what’s his face broke up again! She continues.

“He should jointhe football team, he is like six foot two, very tan and muscular, and I thinkhe came from California or something like that. He’s got gorgeous blue eyes, light brown hair, with the perfect shade ofhighlights in it. You know what he reminds me of?”


“He reminds me of one of those male models for like Abercrombie& Fitch, or something like that.”

“Oh god! So what did you and …er…I keep forgetting his name,break up?”

She looks at me like I lost my mind “Oh heavens NO, Jackson,he is great! We haven’t fought in months.” She sighs just like you would sigh if you are in love. I just about lost my lunch. We both driftedinto a complete silence afterwards,

I could tell we aregetting closer to town because Bobby-Lynn finally turns off the CD player, andturns on the radio, I notice that it is Lily Allen’s “The Fear” playing. I quite enjoy this because I love thissong. I continue to stare outside thewindow, and I just happen to catch my eye to this massive elk buck, it seemedas if his eyes caught mine as well. Wecontinue to stare at each other until he was out of sight. I turn around back to the front, “Werehere!” Bobby-Lynn sighing in relief shewas home finally after that long drive. I too gave a sigh of relief because itwas a long drive, a long trip period. But I wasn’t excited about being in Craig though.

Come on Randie you can do this it will bealright I say to myself, as we are coming up to the first stoplight in thetown. “Just a few more streets and willbe home.” Bobby-Lynn starts drivingagain, then a couple of streets down we turn on to her street, though I couldnot remember the name of it if you’d ask me later. I could never remember street names, justland marks and I knew that there was a Penske Station at the end of my newstreet, so I knew I was good to go there, and honestly I really didn’t careneither not like I had a car to go anywhere in anyways.

After we turnedwe went straight and stop at the stop sign, we turned left but we didn’t go anyfurther than the first house on my right. We pull into the drive way, it was a nice Victorian style house; it wasa creamish color with dark trim, something you would see in a fairy tale. It has bulky bushes lined in the front of thehouse with a solitaire oak tree in the middle of the front yard. Looking down the rest of the street it lookedliked something you would see in a movie, something like what you would see inthe neighborhood used in Sixteen Candles orsomething similar to it. We finishpulling up into the driveway and Bobby-Lynn turns off the car and pops the backof the Tahoe open.


I turn around to see who is yelling at me, it is my auntLaurali, I smile at her as she comes up and pulls me to her giving me a hugehug that took my breath away.

“Oh, my poor dear, Iam so glad you’re finally here. It tookforever to get it to where you could come live with us. Stupid Child Protection Services!” stillhugging me I couldn’t help but to give a slight giggle to that.

“Yes, aunt Laurali, it is great to be here.” I lied pulling myself out of her grip, just asI was about to turn around my other cousin Shaun pulls up. Looking at him sometimes still makes me wishwe weren’t related. He is gorgeous withhis jet black hair, and soul piercing green eyes. I feel extremely short compared to this partof my family because they all were so tall. “Hey Randie!” I quickly came outof my daze only to realize Shaun was standing in front of me, waving his hand,like I had passed out or something.

“YOO HOO! Youawake?”

“Huh? What? Hmm…oh sorry blanked out there for asecond.” Shaun looks at me weird.

“Do you do that often?”

I shook my head “yes, ever since….”

He quickly interrupts “OH! Gotcha no need to sayanymore.” I gave him a slight smile andthen I notice a girl standing next to him.


“Watch your mouth young man.” Laurali yells at him from theother side of the car.

“Sorry” he yells back across the car “UH Randie this is EchoBlacksteen, she’s the bass player for the band.”  Then he wraps both his arms around her waist“and she’s my girlfriend, the love of my life.” Echo rolls her eyes to the last part of what he said, then smiles backat me “Hello, he’s told me all about you Randie, and I am so sorry about yourfolks, that’s a real big bummer man.”

My smile quickly fades; I turn and head for the house. “Itold you not to mention that to her!” I hear Shaun scolding Echo as I walkedinto the house “Here let me show you to your room, and then I have to get goingI have a house that’s being shown in twenty minutes.” Laurali says walking up the stairs.

“Ok now we only have three bathrooms, so you and Bobby-Lynnwill have to share, but this is you two’s bathroom.” It is the biggest bathroom I have ever seen;at least it was bigger than mine in Chicago. Laurali’s is attached to her bedroom, and Shaun’s’ is downstairs in hisarea.

“Okay!” Laurali pushes the door open to a room; “this isyour room” My mouth fell open. This roomwas humongous, once again compared to my room at my old house. Which was nothing compared to this.

“WellI will let you get settled in, I have to go and show that house now.” I look at her letting her know I am listening,“I will be back in a couple of hours okay.”

“Thanks aunt Laurali.” She smiles then turns around andleaves my room. I here the front door shut,I rush to my window to see if I could see her leaving. I couldn’t she has parked in the front of thehouse, and the driveway is near the backyard where my room faces. All I amable to see from my window is the backyard and the house behind us, though atthis house behind us, there is this guy outside washing his what, I am assumingis his car, unless his mother or father is into driving supped-up muscle cars. I admire his car for a little bit, it looksas if it is a ‘64 Mustang, I know this year only because it was my mother'sfavorite car. I think it is the firstcar she ever owned, but I am not quite sure. It is a navy blue almost maybe just a little brighter and had whiteracing stripes going from the front of the hood, all the back to the end of thebody in the back. Nice details it has itis well taken care of. I sigh withadmiration of his finely built machine. I also wonder if it has a small block or a big block engine. But then I remember I really don't know toomuch about cars to really care I do however know how to build a car I justdon’t know nothing about the engine, I just realized that for some reason I am holdinga conversation with myself in my mind.

Then my attention is drawn to something else, who was thisguy that was washing this thing of beauty? I do not know who he was but he is gorgeous just about as gorgeous as thecar. He is about six feet tall maybe sixfeet two, he is nicely tanned, and I could tell he was muscular because he isn'twearing a shirt and he is glistening from his head down to his pant line fromthe sweat and water of washing his beautiful car. All of a sudden he looks up in my direction; Inotice he has the most defined light blue eyes I have ever seen. Almost like perfectlycut diamonds, he looks closer and smiles. I get embarrassed from being caught staring and I turn around only tobump into Bobby-Lynn

“Oh Jesus, what areyou doing, you freaking scared me!” Ialmost yell at her but hold my composure.

“I just wanted to see if you wanted to take a tour of thehouse.” She gets on her tiptoes andcautiously looks out the window and smiles. “But it looks like you were taking a tour of your own!” giving me a smugsmile.

“Shut up!" I feelmyself blush. She gives me an even smugger look.

“What!? I was justadmiring the car."

She could definitely see through me "uh huh sure,anyways you want that tour, or should I leave you two alone, you and the car ofcourse?” She gives a sarcastic chuckle, I smack her in the arm playfully “let'sgo!"

“Okay, so this is my mom’s room and that is her bathroomback there, but you don't want to go in there it is a disaster area. Next is mybedroom." Of course it has allsorts of cheerleading crap in here, and a lot of pastel pink. I thinkI'm going to puke. We get downstairsto the main floor and the tour continues.

"This of course is the living room, and this is thekitchen, downstairs is Shaun’s, but let's go see it anyway!"

I nod and follow her down the stairs to see a drum set, setup in the main area, and a set of keyboards along with a few amps. The next thing I notice is that there is thissort of foamy type stuff plastered all over the walls. “What is that?” I point at the foamy stuff.

Bobby-Lynn looks around “oh, that’s sound proofing foamstuff Shaun’s band practices here. Although you can still hear them, because of it traveling under the doorand what not but it’s not too bad really. Besides they play pretty good toothat it doesn’t bother me or mom too much either.”

As we finished with the tour of the house and were headingback upstairs from the basement I started thinking about my shirtless neighboragain. “So Bobby-Lynn who is that guy, theone that lives behind us?” She doesn’tlook back but giggles “were you not listening to me in the car?” I look at her funny she looks back then rollsher eyes. “That’s Dorian Walker I wastelling you about him earlier in the car. But earlier I couldn’t remember hislast name, I don’t know why, but I didn’t.”

I vaguely remember her telling me about him but I rememberasking her about her and her boyfriend….um….oh god I forgot his name again.

“Well, Randie I don’t know about you but I am exhausted, Ithink I am going to go lay down for a while.”

“Okay, see you later.” I tell her as she walks into herroom. I go back into my room. I gota little curious on if that Dorian guy was still washing his car and walk overto the window and casually look out. Much to my disappointment he was gone. However I did see Shaun and his girlfriend Echo sitting underneath thetree in the back. They were cuddlingtalking to each other. What a name Echo was, I wonder tomyself. It actually fit her look though,Echo was about my height, she had short spiky burgundy hair, her skin is waypale almost as fair as porcelain dolls would be. Light brown eyes, and she has her eyebrow,nose, and lip pierced. She doesn’t seemlike all depressed and tortured souled like the kids at my old school are, thatlooks like she does.

I know I am being stereotypical, but I have no-one else tocompare her too. Couldn’t compare her toShaun, because Shaun he has his own style. He looks like a punker or Goth, but has his own twinge to it somehow Icouldn’t quite figure it out, and maybe it was because of my sick morbid crushI have on him.

I turn from the window and start to unpack hoping to do it fora while but just like Bobby-Lynn I grew tired so I lay down on the bed and Iquickly fell asleep.

I am not sure on whether if it was because of the trip,being here with family, or just this house but I didn’t have my typicalnightmares. I didn’t have some psycho maniac killer chasing after me in theghostly dead streets of Chicago. Instead, I dreamt of driving around in that beautiful blue 64’ Mustang,going no where in particular, just driving thinking of nothing, being finally happy. Then an arm reaches towards me and a hand isplaced on my shoulder. I look over andit’s that Dorian guy from the house behind me. He doesn’t say anything; he just sits there with his arm almost aroundme now flashing his gorgeous smile my way.

I woke up a little groggy and I really don’t want to get outof bed, so I just roll over, but then I glance at my clock and it said it wasnine in the morning.

I flew to a sitting position, realizing I have been asleepsince about five yesterday evening. Even though I needed to have a good sleeplike that, I still felt bad for it. Iwas sure my aunt Laurali was going to be upset because I wasn’t up to spendsome time with her last night. So I getout of bed and look around noticing I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday, and Iwas still in my clothes from yesterday. opening my door I hear my family in thekitchen downstairs; chatting away I decided before anything I would at leastlet them know I was still live.

I take just a quick glance in the mirror and fix my hair in itsponytail. Shrug, open the door andhustle down the stairs. “Hey look theother one is finally out of bed.” I lookat Bobby-Lynn who looks like she just woken up herself, then looked at my auntLaurali who was pouring some creamer into her coffee. ”yeah sleepy head wecould’ve thrown a party here last night and you two would have missed it youwere so out of it.” Shaun says smirking.

“Sorry it wasn’tmy…” I started to say pulling out mychair at the table. “No, my dear don’tapologize, it was a long trip for you, and you’ve been through hell, no one isupset or mad at you for wanting to get some rest.” My aunt Laurali was saying to me as she wasgathering what looks to be her work stuff together. “Okay, kids I gotta go! I will be homelater!” She rushes out the door, I musthave had a confused look on my face because Shaun looks at me and smiles“that’s normal around here; she will be in and out all the time. She leaves even quicker if she’s going toSteamboat for the day.”

“Damn it! I don’t want to cook again.”

Bobby-Lynn says whining poking her waffle, with herfork. “Hmmm, okay well I am going to gotake a shower and start getting my room put together.” Getting up from thetable and tapping my hand on the door frame to the kitchen as I turn around andhead back upstairs.

My shower felt great! I just stood there and let the hotwater run down my body, letting everything escape from me. As soon as I finishmy shower and stepped outside onto the bathroom floor I could feel the slight bumpingof music below my feet. “Shaun’s band must be practicing.” I say out loud tomyself as I wrap the towel around me and another one around my hair. I walk outof the bathroom and into I my bedroom, walking to the window inconspicuouslylooking outside, to see if I could see that Dorian guy playing with his Mustangagain. I was very upset to find that neither he nor his Mustang are, no wherearound.

So I turn around shrugging. There was a knock at my door. “Whois it?” “Me Bobby-Lynn!” the voice callsthrew the door. I go and let her in andre-shut the door once she is inside. ”What’s up?” Holding, onto my towel so, it won’tdrop. “So, I am going to go shopping ina little bit for some things for school you want to come?”

Before I could even answer she was all “GREAT! We have asurprise for you anyway.”

“Ok…wha…wait a surprise? What kind of a surprise?”

Bobby-Lynn didn’t look at me as she got up and headed forthe door “you will just have to wait and see won’t you?” She pauses for just a second. “OH! This is going to be great!” and walksout the room shutting the door behind her.

I roll my eyes and sigh; going to the dresser and choosingsome clothes from the clothes I had already unpacked. I put on a pink tank top, a pair of shortwhite shorts. I am not in the mood to domy hair so I just threw it up in a ponytail and put on a bit of make-up then wentdown stairs. Bobby-Lynn is waiting forme, “finally, we can go!” She soundslike she is in a hurry with the way she walked out the door. I am not exactly sure on how to respond tothat, so I just shrug it off and walk out the door.
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